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The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology (EJMT, ISSN 1933-2823) is published by Mathematics and Technology, LLC, a registered company in the USA founded by Professor Wei-Chi Yang, founder of the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM-http://atcm.mathandtech.org). Both EJMT and ATCM are under the management of Mathematics and Technology, LLC.

The EJMT is not grant supported. We express our gratitude to Radford University, international communities from ATCM and institutions around the world for making EJMT a free journal starting from February issue of 2012. The EJMT has been proven to be as successful as the ATCM. Thanks to all editors and reviewers for their unrelenting efforts to EJMT over the years, we have delivered more than 123,000 papers to more than 36,000 unique IP addresses since its inception in February 2007. We encourage international communities to continue to support EJMT by subscribing to the newly launched printed version of EJMT, the Research Journal of Mathematics and Technology (RJMT, http://rjmt.mathandtech.org).

The EJMT is indexed by Zentralblatt and Zentralblatt’s sister database for Mathematics Education, MathEduc.

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